A large, comprehensive high school like Tottenville is an exciting and challenging place. We have worked very hard to develop an academic and extra-curricular program flexible enough to meet the needs of a diverse student population of approximately 4,000 students. All students are encouraged to learn more about the wide array of academic programs and extra-curricular clubs and activities. Being involved, staying focused, and setting goals will help students attain academic success and graduate fully prepared and well-rounded for college or the working world. Maintaining consistent communication with your child’s teachers and Guidance Counselor will also help your child’s success. Our staff will make every effort to keep you informed about academic progress, attendance, special events and any other information that we feel will be helpful. The more you know about what is happening at school, the better the chance that you will be aware of any problems should they arise.


We hope the following information will help guide you in becoming an active partner in your child’s education:


  1. Each term (Fall and Spring) your child will receive a program indicating subject classes, meeting times, room numbers, teachers, and Guidance Counselor. Make a copy of this for your records. This information will help you communicate more effectively with school personnel. The Spring semester program card will essentially be the same as the Fall Semester program card as all courses are annualized with the exception of art, health and music.


  1. Be sure we have your correct address and phone number for our records. The blue Emergency Home Contact card distributed during 9th Grade Orientation should be completed and returned to the school for our records. If your address, phone number or any other pertinent information changes during the school year, please inform your child’s Counselor (ext. 11014) or the Attendance Office (ext. 11218). It is extremely important for our records to be updated with accurate information.


  1. Be very suspicious if you don't hear from us. Computer generated phone calls are made daily to students’ homes whenever they are marked absent from school. In addition, phone calls will be generated weekly to address cutting and periodically to address special testing dates and other important school related information.   You will also receive mailings from Guidance Counselors and subject class teachers regarding students’ progress, promotion, Regents examinations and class absence. Parents are encouraged to periodically check with their child’s Guidance Counselor or the Attendance Office for updates on absences from school or classes.


  1. There are a total of six report cards for the school year. Report cards are issued every six weeks; three report cards will be distributed each term. The first report card of the Fall term will be distributed in late October, the second report card in early December, and the third and final report card on the first day of the Spring term. The next three report cards will then be distributed in the Spring term. The first report card of the Spring term will be distributed in late March, the second report card in early May and the third and final report card on the last day of school in June. Report card distribution dates will be listed in the PTA Newsletter and posted on the THS website once they are finalized.   If you have any questions concerning the report card, or if you don't see one at all, call your child’s Guidance Counselor immediately. Please note that the final report card of the Fall and Spring terms will be recorded on the student’s official transcript. A copy of your child’s official transcript is available from your child’s guidance counselor and is distributed to students annually for students and parents to review.


  1. Keep current on activities in the school. Ask your child about school activities regularly and encourage your child to join a club, a team or participate in any of our after school programs. There are over 80 teams and clubs available at Tottenville, and they are listed in this handbook and posted on the THS website.


  1. Visit the school regularly. Parents should make every effort to attend Parent-Teacher conferences which are scheduled during both the Fall and Spring terms after the distribution of the first report cards. Actual dates of conferences will be listed in the PTA newsletter and posted on the THS website . Special appointments can be arranged at other times through your child’s Guidance Counselor. Parents are also invited to attend our concerts, plays, sporting events, and shows. Parental support for these extra-curricular activities is vital to the success of these programs.


  1. The Tottenville High School PTA usually meets the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 P.M. in the school. Membership is open to all parents/guardians of students attending Tottenville High School. Enrollment forms will be distributed during the 9th Grade Orientation. The PTA also publishes a periodic newsletter that is an invaluable source of information about important upcoming dates and activities in the school. Questions concerning the PTA, meetings, and newsletters can be answered by contacting the PTA voice mailbox at 718-668-8800 extension 12345 or the Tottenville High School Parent Coordinator, extension 11213
  2. Check the Tottenville H.S. website regularly. A wide variety of school related topics, special event announcements, testing schedules and school alerts may be accessed by logging on to our school’s eChalk website at This website is constantly updated and also includes important links for parents such as the new ARIS parent link and the link to our new e-chalk website. The ARIS parent link gives parents the ability to view online in nine languages their children’s transcripts, periodic assessment results, state test scores, emergency contact information, schedule of classes, and attendance information.