SchoolFood is excited to start the new school year and support the Chancellor’s Regulation A-812 aimed at improving the quality and nutritional value of snack foods and beverages that are available to New York City school children. SchoolFood remains committed to offering students great food, friendly service, and an enhanced dining experience. Good nutrition is essential in preparing children to learn. SchoolFood strives to work with principals, parent coordinators, parents, students, and faculty members to reach this goal. Click here to Apply for to the School Food Program is an online service for parents/guardians to establish accounts for their children that will enable them to purchase meals without carrying money to school. Parents/guardians will be able to view their child's purchases and spending history, receive low balance email notifications, have the ability to set daily/weekly spending limits for their child and the capability to set their child up for meals only or a-la-carte. Click here for more information or to set up an account:

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Applications for free and reduced meals were distributed in September. Click on the link above entitled APPLICATIONS FOR FREE AND REDUCED MEALS to utilize the online application. Parents are urged to complete the applications on-line to expedite the process. If you do not qualify for free or reduced meals, we kindly ask that you check the box in Part 1: I do not qualify and complete Parts 2 & 5. Paper applications may be returned by your child throughout the school year and submitted to his/her 3rd period teacher or the General Office. Please note: families seeking waivers for test fees for all College Board examinations (SAT & Advanced Placement) must have a meal application on file each year. Students who do not submit new applications or who are not deemed eligible for free school lunch, will be required to pay for $1.75 for a school lunch.